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Deepen Your Understanding and Practice

This first of its kind course combining video, audio, print, and live interaction is designed to provide you with the training  necessary for the successful practice of macrobiotics.


Study with a World Leader in Macrobiotics

You can study all facets of macrobiotics with Edward Esko, founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) and former Director of Education at the Kushi Institute.


Learn How to Guide and Counsel Others

The Macrobiotic Online Course is also designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help others. You'll receive a Certificate from the International Macrobiotic Institute recognizing you as a practitioner of the New Medicine for Humanity.

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Level 1: Core Macrobiotic Studies

An online course on the principles of macrobiotic living with emphasis on selecting foods for optimal health. Studies of macrobiotic diagnosis are included. Course One offers students a firm foundation for practicing macrobiotics as the basis for personal health and well being. Learn what is a macrobiotic diet. Also learn about the macrobiotic way to health. Discover the optimum macrobiotic diet plan. Learn about macrobiotic nutrition, yin and yang balance, principal food, and how to select the highest quality foods for optimal health. A twelve-week course with video, audio, Handbook, and live sessions.

Level 2: Foundations of Healing

An online course on the five transformations in health and healing. An exploration of each of the body's organ systems, with studies of form, function, symptoms, and remedies, including special foods, teas, and preparations. Studies of meridians and energy diagnosis are included. A twelve-week course with video, audio, Handbook, and live sessions.

Level 3: Advanced Applications of Healing

An online course on the macrobiotic approach to the major health issues of the modern world, including arthritis, fibroid, breast cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, autism, mood disorder, prostate conditions, and others. Includes studies of macrobiotic/Oriental diagnosis. A twelve-week course with video, audio, Handbook, and live sessions.


The Online Course Experience

Nura from Abu Dhabi talks about her experience with The Macrobiotic Online Course

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